Growth inspirer

Raisioaqua helps its fish farm customers produce healthy food for consumers sustainably, effectively and profitably, promoting animal welfare. Strong expertise in the feeding suitable for Northern conditions and in innovative, ecological top-feeds are at the core of our operations. We are able to provide our customers with competitive advantages and added value. We are the growth inspirer.



Hercules product line for rainbow trout, trout and salmon combines the high-quality production efficiency, ecological aspects and values consistent with sustainable development.


Our eco-friendly feed designed for whitefish has shown particularly good farming results.

Vital Pro

Our Vital feeds are designed for periodic use, to support the wellbeing and health of rainbow trout during the critical moments in the farming.


Our feeds for recirculating farming have shown good results. With these feeds, it is also possible to affect better pool hygiene.


Our vision is to create growth conditions for the Northern fish farming industry without burdening natural waters. Our Baltic Blend feed reducing nitrogen and phosphorus loads in the Baltic Sea is a good example of our product concepts promoting sustainable development.


Fish farming with your smartphone

Growth Sonar is Raisioaqua’s digital application that makes fish farmers’ feeding planning and monitoring of fish mass growth easier.