Raisioaqua – the growth inspirer

Raisioaqua is a Finnish fish feed producer and feeding expert. We are the forerunner in eco-friendly feeds: we provide our customers with sustainable feeds and feeding solutions suitable for Nordic conditions. Raisioaqua’s innovative feeds designed to improve the fish welfare and to optimise fish fatty acids make us a reliable partner.


We have made fish feeds in Raisio since 1982. Our key markets are Finland, Russia and the Baltic Sea region. Raisioaqua is part of the Raisio Group.



Raisio’s Purpose

Food for Health, Heart and Earth.


Good and healthy food is natural and comes from the heart of its maker. As a responsible company, we take all important food-related factors into account: well-being, health, good taste and sustainable development. Our strong expertise and eagerness to develop new make sure that we can provide well-balanced food with good conscience.


Raisioaqua helps its customers produce healthy food for consumers sustainably, effectively and profitably, promoting animal welfare. Innovations, responsibly acquired raw materials and the food chain expertise are at the core of our operations.


Raisio's operations are certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.



Benella – fish that is good for you

Contract farmers following Raisioaqua’s feeding concept can use our registered Benella brand for rainbow trout, whitefish and pikeperch in their own marketing.


Benella is good for the heart and for the environment. Benella’s innovative feeding concept ensures, that the EPA and DHA fatty acids are proven to be at right levels and in line with the fish use recommendations. Benella Fish are fed with Raisioaqua’s Baltic Blend®. As a result, the nutrient load from the fish farming in the Baltic Sea has significantly decreased.