Modern fish feeds are made of safe and pure raw materials. Feeds mainly contain plant oil, plant protein, fish oil, fish meal, vitamins and minerals. In our feeds, we use known raw materials mainly from Finland and the Baltic Sea region. The registered Baltic Blend® trademark for our fish feeds also communicates this.


Raisioaqua makes feeds for various fish species whose specific nutritional requirement are well-known. Our feeds are designed to support the fish farming in Northern conditions.


Different stages of fish growth require different feeds; the fat and protein composition in feeds change during the fish life cycle. The growth of small fry is mainly protein growth and therefore the protein contents in small fry feeds are high in relation to energy. With bigger fish, it is more important to meet their energy needs, so the feed has higher fat content in this growth stage. Phosphorus is a necessary mineral for fish. With the developing bone, phosphorus needs of small fry are higher than with bigger fish.



For rainbow trout, trout and salmon

The nutritional contents of feeds are optimised to meet the requirements of different fish sizes. Raw material used is mainly Finnish fish meal made of MSC certified Baltic herring and sprat and various plant proteins, such as responsibly produced, non-GMO soy protein and Finnish broad bean.


With the phytase entzyme, phosphorus in plant proteins becomes digestible for fish. Thanks to this, we have been able to significantly reduce the phosphorus load from the fish farming.


In the final phase of farming, the content of EPA and DHA fatty acids in fish is increased with the help of Hercules Opti feeds so that they reach favourable levels for human heart health.


Rainbow trout feeds




Silver is an environmentally friendly feed specifically designed for whitefish. Compared to rainbow trout, whitefish have different nutritional needs and their ability to utilise various feed raw materials is also different. This has been taken into account in the composition of feeds. The farming results have been excellent.


Whitefish feeds



Special feed for fish welfare

Vital feeds provide a special welfare package. The active ingredients are vitamin C and E, beta-glucan, nucleotides and TOP 3™. Vital feed makes fish stronger and more resistant to stressful conditions, such as heatwaves.


Rainbow trout feeds



Feeds for recirculating farming

Our Circuit feeds take into account the needs that differ from traditional farming in many ways. The Circuit feeds allow good growth results. With special substances, these feeds help affect the water quality of pools as well as the filter functioning. This results in better pool hygiene.


Our Circuit feeds have four product lines designed for different fish species.


Feeds for rainbow trout

Feeds for whitefish

Feeds for pike perch and sturgeon


Other feeds

For small fry at the early growth stage

Raisioaqua imports special feeds for the early growth stage. The Vita product line of the Italian Veronesi provides a safe and effective start for small fry. Our range includes Bernaqua’s special feeds for the starter feeding of even smaller fry. These feeds are especially designed for the demanding early growth stage of whitefish, pikeperch and sturgeon.


Vita small fry feeds

Bernaqua special feeds